Saturday, March 30, 2013

Hello Fellow Babies,

A long time ago, round about the beginning of the internet, I think it was '93, I got this idea to do this interactive story on the Web.  It would be in screenplay format with, pictures, animations, music and sound effects.  Unfortunately, back then everyone connected with dial-up modems and it could take minutes for my pages to load.  Oh how times have changed.

I started adding more and more content to my website, which was hosted on Prodigy, if you remember what that was and I came to realize that a space station just wasn't big enough for all of my work.  I moved my website to its own address ( and blasted open an entire new universe called

It might all seem quaint, but I've outlasted every multimillion dollar enterprise that rose and fell during the internet bubble.  MY website outlasted Stephen Speilberg's.  Of course they had multimillions of visitors, while I've probably only had a million over the past coulple of decades... I can live with that.

Since it's been close to 20 years since the very beginning of genessis space (I can't remember the exact date), I've decided to redesign the website and bring it up to a more modern look and feel.  I'll miss the "eyeball" interface, but one must move on.

Spread across this website you will find much of my various work in all of its different forms.  Please stroll through and enjoy the fruits of my imagination.  My 'Zine Chaos Theory:Tales Askew is still available and if you never had the opportunity to read any of these stories by various talents you really should check them out.  There's a lot of good stuff in there.


A. A. Roberts

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  1. Genspace is really taking off now!

  2. Only here because of Red Letter Media. Wanted to see the crazy for myself.

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  4. I want to buy one of your tapes.

  5. I'm not surprised you outlasted Stephen Speilberg. His career really tanked after Saving Pirate Ryan.

  6. Can you help me land a plane?

  7. Can't believe those hack frauds at RedRoomMedia couldn't land a damn plane

  8. I love your tales from genital space!